Mindful Granding - Trend Spring / Summer 2022

  • GEKA GmbH

Geka's top trends for Sping/Summer 2022.

Inspired by the perfection of nature reflected in every beautiful fiber of soft skin: A symbiosis that could not fit better into this time. Mindfulness meets strength, longing meets vitality.

Mindful Granding is magic and mind in one – the product of desire for perfection in every way: soft earth tones find their perfection in delicate and strong green tones like in an enchanted forest, rich in contrast and soft at the same time, just like nature itself. Organic elegance, tender spirituality and sensual power are the result of Mindful Granding.

  • Bianka Cramblit
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  • Created 10 May 2021
  • Modified 05 Oct 2021
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