GEKA's Natural Mascara to reduce your CO2 footprint

  • GEKA GmbH

To reach its commitment to zero waste landfill and the increased usage of renewable resources, GEKA is investing in the use of materials with a lower carbon footprint.

GEKA’s latest natural mascara product comes complete with a cradle-to-gate CO2 footprint analysis.  Made of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resins – this product boasts of a 12% reduction in CO2, an equivalent of 15.2 g of CO2 vs. similar products made of virgin plastic.

The brush stunningLOOK is made of GEKA’s vegan and bio-based EOSgreenbombyx fiber composed of 100% renewable raw materials made from castor oil plant.

The Cap and bottle are made of 100% PCR-PP with a material impact of 71% CO2e reduction for the bottle and 94% for the cap. The mascara formula includes 79% of natural raw materials and contains a blend of natural waxes derived from rose flowers, olives, sunflowers, and a Japanese berry for a super long-lasting and buildable volumizing effect.

Contact GEKA for more sustainable packaging solutions. 

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