GEKA's new products: a playful look with wild exaggerations and cute elements

Sweet Candy

One trend for spring /summer 2018: more is more! Wild exaggerations and cute elements characterize this playful look. Vivid pastel shades, shimmering textures and transparent glittery plastics are as tempting as candy, making the trend of delicate pink, fresh yellow and nifty purple tones a really tasty treat.

Our first product is the brand-new mascara brush lashJEWEL for perfectly separated lashes and generous volume. The two-component EOSdelta2K fiber with its stiffer core and softer exterior surface remains soft but also provides the necessary stability to comb the eyelashes. Thanks to its triangular shape, the edges of this fiber separate the eyelashes perfectly. The packaging surprises with its overall sleeve decoration combined with a 3D haptic effect.

pureSENSATION - our brand-new star within our portfolio of molded brushes. GEKA’s patented 2K Moltrusion® process creates extremely filigree and flexible bristles that sit tightly and securely on a stable, thin core. The tapered shaped bristles ensure improved eyelash separation. This brush was designed to give the lashes an exceptional volume-enhancing effect with infinite lengthening and immediate curling. The cap fascinates with an eye-catching speckle lacquering, while the bottle shimmers in a blue metallic masterbatch.

Small but mighty - our eyeliner applicator precisionLINER: 19 delicate micro bristles do not collapse or spread for precise line definition. The long center bristles are surrounded by shorter ones for maximum precision. That ensures a smooth application and the product is easy to use. Our cute little cigar shaped packaging looks great with its matte lacquer decoration.

Our dual ender lip gloss packaging is a real trendsetter: a matte texture for the upper lip and glossy formulation for the lower lip. classicLIPS applicator gently adapts to all types of lips thanks to its ergonomic shape, while flexible and soft 2K applicator flexiKISS allows streak-free results. Its ferrule is dazzling with a marble effect to individualize every unit.

Last but not least: Our miniPERFECTOR for perfect eyebrows. The bristle configuration of this 1K applicator ensures fantastic combability of the eyebrows. It was designed to comb, define and fix brows in place just by one stroke, what guarantees a convenient application due to its size and shape. The cap shimmers in metallic marble effect for a unique look at the POS.

The cosmetic bag with trendy holographic effect shines in different colors and provides space for all your cosmetic products. For example for the uniquely shaped non-latex make-up sponge! Use the small tip to contour your eyes and eyebrows and the flat side to blend concealer evenly. Broken or brittle nails? They have no chance against the cute cupcake nail file. Thanks to different grain options, it works magical with all types of nails. Accessorize your look with the cute face stickers in different shapes and colors.

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