GEKA's Reborn mascara pack with 93% sustainable material share

  • GEKA GmbH

GEKA's mascara contains sustainable solutions for all 5 components of the cosmetic packaging, and the packaging in total is made of 93% sustainable material share.

  • Bottle: 100% PCR PET
  • Cap: 100% PCR PP
  • Brush: brand new exclusive EOSgreen and ESOgreendelta fibers - bio-based fibers consisting of 100% renewable raw material derived from the castor oil plant
  • Wiper: made of LDPE with a bio-based content of 84%, derived from sugar cane, in addition to partial recycled PIR-LDPE material from GEKA production.  Grinding stock is reused by placing it into the recycling process, reducing waste to a minimum.
  • Thread: 100% bio-based material delivered from the renewable castor oil plant.

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